Viewsat Ultra

The Viewsat Ultra is one of the most well-known FTA receivers on sale today. It boasts of several features unique to itself. Viewsat Ultra comes with a powerful 200Mhz processor and 32MB SDRAM, twice as fast as other brands. It also has a universal remote controller, easy-to-use channel guide, s-video and component output and Dolby digital optical output. For convenience, the Viewsat Ultra can be updated using an ordinary flash drive. The VS2000 comes bundled with a Null Modem cable for updates and a 4×1 DISEQC switch. A less expensive model, the Viewsat Lite Ultra, is available for low end users.

Setting up and downloading updates can take a while. To save time and trouble, first consult the owner’s manual for basic instructions on the hardware installation. When it has finished programming, do the following.

To install Viewsat Ultra:

1. Bring up the “Loader” screen
2. Go to Tools menu and select Configure
3. In the COM port window, set it to COM1
4. Now click on Open File
5. Browse to file named “PFTAUSW-090108U.” It is probably on your Desktop area. Otherwise search for it with the operating system’s search tool.
6. Load the file
7. On the main screen, you will see a command line with heading “File Name”. In the line, you will see the file path and filename
8. Notice the big square buttons labeled “Open File,” “STB > PC,” and “PC > STB.”
9. Click on “PC > STB.”
10. You will now see a dialog box with header “ZMOOM”. It will show the file being processed.. The progress line will show you how far it has progressed.
11. The status will read, “Send… (sub packet # so so …”)
12. Once the download is complete, a box will appear saying it is completed.
13. Your setup is finished.

Now to update Viewsat Ultra:

1. Bring up the main control box. You will see All Channels on the left and a digital clock on the right, among others.
2. Go to the main menu. You will see items listed, such as “Installation,” “User Setting” and “Channel Organization.”
3. Click on “System Information”
4. You will see two options, “Receiver Information” and “Receiver Upgrade”
5. Click on “Receiver Upgrade”
6. On the list, select Channel and press OK
7. This will initialize the USB port
8. Go to USB and click OK
9. Select the bin to update and click OK
10. When done, turn it off and then turn it back on
11 Your update is completed.

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