ViewSat Ultra Lite

Looking for a well balanced FTA receiver in terms of design and power? Viewsat Ultra Lite features a compact mainframe with the adequate hardware capable of going toe to toe with other bulkier products.

Right from the branding, one can see that the company behind Viewsat Ultra Lite has answered the clamor of consumers for a light and small model for their top of the line satellite receivers that will still deliver the same quality that is expected from Viewsat’s products. This is because Viewsat Ultra Lite lives up to its name for its compact design and its relatively low price when compared to its bulkier cousins.

Aside from the light design and price, what sets Viewsat Ultra Lite apart from the competition and from its older model brethren are its new features that give more convenience and options. Here are some of the new features that distinguish Viewsat Ultra Lite along with their purpose and proper usage.

Technical Specifications

First off, Viewsat Ultra Lite is wholly a product of South Korea. Being the technological behemoth that this country has become, one can be sure that the design and engineering of the product will be nothing less than what you expect. At the core of the hardware is its 200 Mhz processor which gives the compact FTA receiver the needed muscle to make it one of the most powerful entry-level units in the market. Aside from the powerful processor, the receiver also houses a 32 mb SDRAM that lets it handle functions such as scanning for channels and saving the firmware for your hardware.

The Advantage of Viewsat Ultra Lite

As said earlier, the biggest selling point of this model is its compact design and the its relatively light price tag. What makes it even greater, is that one will not find it wanting as far as quality is concerned, as its compact size is packed with powerful hardware and features. It also has convenient features such as its USB 2.0 outlet which makes it easy for users to update the firmware, which is one of most important maintenance rituals that one must do to optimize the use of the receiver. Apart from these, the Viewsat Ultra Lite is also flexible enough to be used either as a standalone satellite receiver or as a receiver for multiple rooms.

Tips For Using Viewsat Ultra Lite

Updating the firmware is crucial in making the most out of the hardware. It also solves some bugs or some other kinks that may come up. Also, the Viewsat package includes a manual, so be sure to read the instructions in it as using a free to air equipment has some differences from using an ordinary television antennae.

The Viewsat Ultra Lite package is a solid product featuring a compact design that does not skimp on technical prowess, making it an ideal option for FTA enthusiasts.

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