ViewSat MaxHD

For uninterrupted satellite TV viewing, a View MaxHD FTA receiver makes a great choice. It makes the sound and picture a lot better. To get the best out of satellite channels,  installing a View MaxHd FTA receiver is a good idea.

Among the best FTA receiver models in use today is Viewsat MaxHD. A good digital satellite reception is necessary for interfacing LCD TV or plasma TV through the HDMI connection. Among the best options here is Viewsat MaxHD.

ViewSat MaxHD Features

This FTA receiver introduces several breakthrough features to enhance digital satellite viewing. Among these are a quicker acting processor equipped with 200 MHz for speedy performance. Another is an enhanced Xtreme memory power equaling a total of 32 Mb SD RAM. The USB communication port introduces an easy-data updating system. Satellite viewing is improved with Viewsat MAxHD, an Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 component fully capable of HD requirements.

Some Feature Uses

Viewsat MaxHD considerably improves DVR or digital video recording with its powerful 266 Mhz RISC processor. The result? A high definition and high resolution HDTV reception using its Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4. Reception is enhanced with resolutions registering at 720p and 1080i. This FTA receiver also facilitates an external hard drive connection to the PVR though its USB port. This feature also improves updating functions.

FTA means free to air. An FTA receiver gives off unencrypted signals. These signals are sent to broadcaster receivers. When this transmission process is done smoothly, satellite TV viewers enjoy sharp and clear audio and visual cable features, without interruptions. Thus, viewing programs like CNN and HBO becomes doubly entertaining. This is what Viewsat MaxHD provides.

Viewsat MAxHD and the DVB-S2 Channel

With Viewsat MaxHD, the DVB-S2 FTA channel becomes easy to access. This is made possible by a DVB-S2 kit downloadable from online sources. Download this and use to activate the Viewsat MaxHD capacity to link with DVB-S2. A traceable FTA service is G26@93 degrees west, with C-Band. Use a 3-meter antenna. This accesses 25 channels. Another is G14@125 degrees west, with C-Band. Use a 2-meter antenna. This accesses one channel.


Viewsat MaxHd has a timer function that features automatic turn on and off settings. It has multi-language OSD and an electronic program guide or EPG. It also features a network scan, satellite & TP, and manual PID. It can be operated with a universal remote.

Other Viewsat MaxHD Components

This FTA receiver has several resolution outputs to select from: 480p, 720p, 576p, and 1080i. Other outputs are YPbPr and HDMI-HDCP. It also has a satellite tuner input and a SCPC and MCPC reception feature for C/Ku-Band Satellites. With Viewsat MaxHD, quickly and smoothly accessing 10,000 TV and radio channels is easy. Being flexible, it has both standard and high definition receivers, namelyMpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 supports. This FTA receiver is good for AVC/H.264.

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