Nfusion Nova

How to Configure Nfusion Nova

The Nfusion NOVA is a popular digital FTA satellite receiver. It is wireless internet ready so you can set it up quickly if you already have home wifi. The NOVA also comes with Ethernet capability, a self-updating feature, MPEG2 Digital, advanced EPG Satellite Scan, Extended EPG and Program Reservation with timer, channel control with locking, delete and skip, Dolby Digital and more.

Here is how to configure the Nfusion NOVA. Be sure to consult the owner’s manual for basic information as well as proper care.

1. Turn on the appliance. On the main menu screen, you will a list of options.
2. Scroll down to “Internet” and press OK.
3. On the Internet screen, note two features: Network Connection and Auto Update Check. Make sure they are both set to On.
4. Now go to “Network Information”
5. Select the DHCP line
6. Go back to the Menu button to exit
7. Back on the main screen, go to “User Settings” and press OK
8. On User Settings, you will see several items listed: Local Area, Channel Guide, EPG Update, Dolby Digital, Dish Network Autoroll, Bell Express Autoroll, Emulator and Primary Channel Dish Network
9. Choose “Local Area”
10.Choose the US state you are in
11 Press the right arrow button to choose your city
12. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to save these changes. Press OK.
13. Now go down to the Emulator
14. Turn it Off to access the Internet
15. Return to the Main Menu when you’re done
16. Now scroll down to “System Settings” and press OK
17. Enter 0000 as your password
18. Go to “Parental Control” to unlock the menu items. You can always lock them again later.
20. Return to the Main Menu.
21. To configure the “Time Settings,” go there.
22. Select your time zone and turn on DST if applicable.
23. Back in main screen again, go to “Installation” and press OK.
24. To configure the antenna so you can pick up channels, press “Antenna Setting”
25. Select the “Satellite Field”
26. Scroll down until you get to LNB and choose your type
27. In DISECQ, you can choose port 1 (this is most common)
28. Now on to “Search Channels”
29. The detected channels will appear
30. Once again on the main screen, choose “Installation”
31. Press “Antenna Setting” again
32. For satellite, set it to 110.eCHOSTR8,10
33. Pick your LNB type again
34. The DISECQ port should be port 2
35. Now press OK on “Search Channels”
36. Channel search will finish
37. Now you’ve configured your Nfusion NOVA and it’s ready to use.

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