Nfusion HD

How to Setup Nfusion HD

1. Make sure you have all your Nfusion components: receiver, clicker, RS 232 cable and the cables colored red, yellow and white.
2. Connect your Nfusion to the TV and turn it on.
3. Press the Menu button on your clicker to access the main screen.
4. Go to “System Settings” and select “S/W version.”
5. If boot is less than 128, you need 130 or higher. If you are at 130, you’re good to go. Just get the latest software on it.
6. Now exit.
7. Connect your Nfusion to your computer. Do not use any cable other than the one that came with it. Ensure you have the latest driver for it.
8. Load a new boot bin if you have less than 128. Otherwise you don’t have to.
9. Open the Nfusion loader.
10. Go to “Open File” and look for the boot bin you need.
11. Click “Start Infusing” and click OK.
12. Time to reuse the power switch (back of set top box). Once on, the computer will process the bin.
13. When you see the “Good” status, press OK.
14. To load the latest software, follow the same steps as loading the bin above.
15. Connect Nfusion to your TV after the loading.
16. Return to the main screen, “System Settings” and enter 0000 as password.
17. Check the “S/W version.”
18. If you see the boot and s/w you just selected earlier, you know installation was successful.
19. To use IKS, turn off Emulator. You can do so by going to the “User Settings” from main screen.
20. Time to set up the antenna. Example, single LNB and DiCEqC 1.0/1.2.., 110 and 119w stationary dish.
21. Go to “Installation” from the main screen.
22. Enter the default password.
23. Select “Antenna Setting.”
24. Click on the “Satellite” item and pick yours.
25. Press on menu button to return to “Antenna Setting.”
26. Press OK to save your settings and when prompted to confirm.
27. Still in “Antenna Setting,” choose “Search All Channels” and pick 110w.
28. Wait for the scanning to complete. You will see the channels being detected.
29. Do the same to set up 119w. Only specify the actual port you’re using for it.
30. To set your motor settings, you access the same “Antenna Settings” and “Satellite” and use your own port settings.
31. Go to “Motor Settings” to input your longitude and latitude. You can get this info online. The volume key adjusts for north, east, south, west.
32. Save your settings. Repeat the same steps as before to scan for channels at 91w or whatever you use.

Note: Nfusion HD turns off proxy servers by default. You can set it up if you like. In fact, it is recommended you use different proxies every week or so.

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