Viewsat Ultra

May 11th, 2018

The Viewsat Ultra is one of the most well-known FTA receivers on sale today. It boasts of several features unique to itself. Viewsat Ultra comes with a powerful 200Mhz processor and 32MB SDRAM, twice as fast as other brands. It also has a universal remote controller, easy-to-use channel guide, s-video and component output and Dolby digital optical output. For convenience, the Viewsat Ultra can be updated using an ordinary flash drive. The VS2000 comes bundled with a Null Modem cable for updates and a 4×1 DISEQC switch. A less expensive model, the Viewsat Lite Ultra, is available for low end users.

Setting up and downloading updates can take a while. To save time and trouble, first consult the owner’s manual for basic instructions on the hardware installation. When it has finished programming, do the following.

To install Viewsat Ultra:

1. Bring up the “Loader” screen
2. Go to Tools menu and select Configure
3. In the COM port window, set it to COM1
4. Now click on Open File
5. Browse to file named “PFTAUSW-090108U.” It is probably on your Desktop area. Otherwise search for it with the operating system’s search tool.
6. Load the file
7. On the main screen, you will see a command line with heading “File Name”. In the line, you will see the file path and filename
8. Notice the big square buttons labeled “Open File,” “STB > PC,” and “PC > STB.”
9. Click on “PC > STB.”
10. You will now see a dialog box with header “ZMOOM”. It will show the file being processed.. The progress line will show you how far it has progressed.
11. The status will read, “Send… (sub packet # so so …”)
12. Once the download is complete, a box will appear saying it is completed.
13. Your setup is finished.

Now to update Viewsat Ultra:

1. Bring up the main control box. You will see All Channels on the left and a digital clock on the right, among others.
2. Go to the main menu. You will see items listed, such as “Installation,” “User Setting” and “Channel Organization.”
3. Click on “System Information”
4. You will see two options, “Receiver Information” and “Receiver Upgrade”
5. Click on “Receiver Upgrade”
6. On the list, select Channel and press OK
7. This will initialize the USB port
8. Go to USB and click OK
9. Select the bin to update and click OK
10. When done, turn it off and then turn it back on
11 Your update is completed.

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Nfusion Nova

May 4th, 2018

How to Configure Nfusion Nova

The Nfusion NOVA is a popular digital FTA satellite receiver. It is wireless internet ready so you can set it up quickly if you already have home wifi. The NOVA also comes with Ethernet capability, a self-updating feature, MPEG2 Digital, advanced EPG Satellite Scan, Extended EPG and Program Reservation with timer, channel control with locking, delete and skip, Dolby Digital and more.

Here is how to configure the Nfusion NOVA. Be sure to consult the owner’s manual for basic information as well as proper care.

1. Turn on the appliance. On the main menu screen, you will a list of options.
2. Scroll down to “Internet” and press OK.
3. On the Internet screen, note two features: Network Connection and Auto Update Check. Make sure they are both set to On.
4. Now go to “Network Information”
5. Select the DHCP line
6. Go back to the Menu button to exit
7. Back on the main screen, go to “User Settings” and press OK
8. On User Settings, you will see several items listed: Local Area, Channel Guide, EPG Update, Dolby Digital, Dish Network Autoroll, Bell Express Autoroll, Emulator and Primary Channel Dish Network
9. Choose “Local Area”
10.Choose the US state you are in
11 Press the right arrow button to choose your city
12. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to save these changes. Press OK.
13. Now go down to the Emulator
14. Turn it Off to access the Internet
15. Return to the Main Menu when you’re done
16. Now scroll down to “System Settings” and press OK
17. Enter 0000 as your password
18. Go to “Parental Control” to unlock the menu items. You can always lock them again later.
20. Return to the Main Menu.
21. To configure the “Time Settings,” go there.
22. Select your time zone and turn on DST if applicable.
23. Back in main screen again, go to “Installation” and press OK.
24. To configure the antenna so you can pick up channels, press “Antenna Setting”
25. Select the “Satellite Field”
26. Scroll down until you get to LNB and choose your type
27. In DISECQ, you can choose port 1 (this is most common)
28. Now on to “Search Channels”
29. The detected channels will appear
30. Once again on the main screen, choose “Installation”
31. Press “Antenna Setting” again
32. For satellite, set it to 110.eCHOSTR8,10
33. Pick your LNB type again
34. The DISECQ port should be port 2
35. Now press OK on “Search Channels”
36. Channel search will finish
37. Now you’ve configured your Nfusion NOVA and it’s ready to use.

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ViewSat Ultra Lite

April 27th, 2018

Looking for a well balanced FTA receiver in terms of design and power? Viewsat Ultra Lite features a compact mainframe with the adequate hardware capable of going toe to toe with other bulkier products.

Right from the branding, one can see that the company behind Viewsat Ultra Lite has answered the clamor of consumers for a light and small model for their top of the line satellite receivers that will still deliver the same quality that is expected from Viewsat’s products. This is because Viewsat Ultra Lite lives up to its name for its compact design and its relatively low price when compared to its bulkier cousins.

Aside from the light design and price, what sets Viewsat Ultra Lite apart from the competition and from its older model brethren are its new features that give more convenience and options. Here are some of the new features that distinguish Viewsat Ultra Lite along with their purpose and proper usage.

Technical Specifications

First off, Viewsat Ultra Lite is wholly a product of South Korea. Being the technological behemoth that this country has become, one can be sure that the design and engineering of the product will be nothing less than what you expect. At the core of the hardware is its 200 Mhz processor which gives the compact FTA receiver the needed muscle to make it one of the most powerful entry-level units in the market. Aside from the powerful processor, the receiver also houses a 32 mb SDRAM that lets it handle functions such as scanning for channels and saving the firmware for your hardware.

The Advantage of Viewsat Ultra Lite

As said earlier, the biggest selling point of this model is its compact design and the its relatively light price tag. What makes it even greater, is that one will not find it wanting as far as quality is concerned, as its compact size is packed with powerful hardware and features. It also has convenient features such as its USB 2.0 outlet which makes it easy for users to update the firmware, which is one of most important maintenance rituals that one must do to optimize the use of the receiver. Apart from these, the Viewsat Ultra Lite is also flexible enough to be used either as a standalone satellite receiver or as a receiver for multiple rooms.

Tips For Using Viewsat Ultra Lite

Updating the firmware is crucial in making the most out of the hardware. It also solves some bugs or some other kinks that may come up. Also, the Viewsat package includes a manual, so be sure to read the instructions in it as using a free to air equipment has some differences from using an ordinary television antennae.

The Viewsat Ultra Lite package is a solid product featuring a compact design that does not skimp on technical prowess, making it an ideal option for FTA enthusiasts.

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Nfusion HD

April 20th, 2018

How to Setup Nfusion HD

1. Make sure you have all your Nfusion components: receiver, clicker, RS 232 cable and the cables colored red, yellow and white.
2. Connect your Nfusion to the TV and turn it on.
3. Press the Menu button on your clicker to access the main screen.
4. Go to “System Settings” and select “S/W version.”
5. If boot is less than 128, you need 130 or higher. If you are at 130, you’re good to go. Just get the latest software on it.
6. Now exit.
7. Connect your Nfusion to your computer. Do not use any cable other than the one that came with it. Ensure you have the latest driver for it.
8. Load a new boot bin if you have less than 128. Otherwise you don’t have to.
9. Open the Nfusion loader.
10. Go to “Open File” and look for the boot bin you need.
11. Click “Start Infusing” and click OK.
12. Time to reuse the power switch (back of set top box). Once on, the computer will process the bin.
13. When you see the “Good” status, press OK.
14. To load the latest software, follow the same steps as loading the bin above.
15. Connect Nfusion to your TV after the loading.
16. Return to the main screen, “System Settings” and enter 0000 as password.
17. Check the “S/W version.”
18. If you see the boot and s/w you just selected earlier, you know installation was successful.
19. To use IKS, turn off Emulator. You can do so by going to the “User Settings” from main screen.
20. Time to set up the antenna. Example, single LNB and DiCEqC 1.0/1.2.., 110 and 119w stationary dish.
21. Go to “Installation” from the main screen.
22. Enter the default password.
23. Select “Antenna Setting.”
24. Click on the “Satellite” item and pick yours.
25. Press on menu button to return to “Antenna Setting.”
26. Press OK to save your settings and when prompted to confirm.
27. Still in “Antenna Setting,” choose “Search All Channels” and pick 110w.
28. Wait for the scanning to complete. You will see the channels being detected.
29. Do the same to set up 119w. Only specify the actual port you’re using for it.
30. To set your motor settings, you access the same “Antenna Settings” and “Satellite” and use your own port settings.
31. Go to “Motor Settings” to input your longitude and latitude. You can get this info online. The volume key adjusts for north, east, south, west.
32. Save your settings. Repeat the same steps as before to scan for channels at 91w or whatever you use.

Note: Nfusion HD turns off proxy servers by default. You can set it up if you like. In fact, it is recommended you use different proxies every week or so.

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ViewSat MaxHD

April 13th, 2018

For uninterrupted satellite TV viewing, a View MaxHD FTA receiver makes a great choice. It makes the sound and picture a lot better. To get the best out of satellite channels,  installing a View MaxHd FTA receiver is a good idea.

Among the best FTA receiver models in use today is Viewsat MaxHD. A good digital satellite reception is necessary for interfacing LCD TV or plasma TV through the HDMI connection. Among the best options here is Viewsat MaxHD.

ViewSat MaxHD Features

This FTA receiver introduces several breakthrough features to enhance digital satellite viewing. Among these are a quicker acting processor equipped with 200 MHz for speedy performance. Another is an enhanced Xtreme memory power equaling a total of 32 Mb SD RAM. The USB communication port introduces an easy-data updating system. Satellite viewing is improved with Viewsat MAxHD, an Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 component fully capable of HD requirements.

Some Feature Uses

Viewsat MaxHD considerably improves DVR or digital video recording with its powerful 266 Mhz RISC processor. The result? A high definition and high resolution HDTV reception using its Mpeg-2 and Mpeg-4. Reception is enhanced with resolutions registering at 720p and 1080i. This FTA receiver also facilitates an external hard drive connection to the PVR though its USB port. This feature also improves updating functions.

FTA means free to air. An FTA receiver gives off unencrypted signals. These signals are sent to broadcaster receivers. When this transmission process is done smoothly, satellite TV viewers enjoy sharp and clear audio and visual cable features, without interruptions. Thus, viewing programs like CNN and HBO becomes doubly entertaining. This is what Viewsat MaxHD provides.

Viewsat MAxHD and the DVB-S2 Channel

With Viewsat MaxHD, the DVB-S2 FTA channel becomes easy to access. This is made possible by a DVB-S2 kit downloadable from online sources. Download this and use to activate the Viewsat MaxHD capacity to link with DVB-S2. A traceable FTA service is G26@93 degrees west, with C-Band. Use a 3-meter antenna. This accesses 25 channels. Another is G14@125 degrees west, with C-Band. Use a 2-meter antenna. This accesses one channel.


Viewsat MaxHd has a timer function that features automatic turn on and off settings. It has multi-language OSD and an electronic program guide or EPG. It also features a network scan, satellite & TP, and manual PID. It can be operated with a universal remote.

Other Viewsat MaxHD Components

This FTA receiver has several resolution outputs to select from: 480p, 720p, 576p, and 1080i. Other outputs are YPbPr and HDMI-HDCP. It also has a satellite tuner input and a SCPC and MCPC reception feature for C/Ku-Band Satellites. With Viewsat MaxHD, quickly and smoothly accessing 10,000 TV and radio channels is easy. Being flexible, it has both standard and high definition receivers, namelyMpeg-2 and Mpeg-4 supports. This FTA receiver is good for AVC/H.264.

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